SNS Dip Nails

SNS DIp Nails

SNS dip nails are odor free, primer free, light weight, durable and maintains the shine without abrasive removal while preserving healthy, strong nails. length can be added upon request.


SN Basic

A quick trim, shape, buff of the nails, cuticle clean up (pushed back and trimmed). Followed by a light massage of the hands. Finished with polish of choice.

SN Deluxe

All the elements of the SN Basic with the addition of an exfoliating sugar or salt scrub of choice (tangerine or lavender) massaged intensely on the hands. Followed by a warm towel wrap and extended massage of the hands and forearms. Finished with a polish of choice.

Gel Manicure

Start off with the basic manicure to shape and clean up the nails. Gel polish is then applied with a LED light. This chip free, smudge free polish will leave your nails looking radiant for up to two weeks. Also cuts drying time in half.

Gel polish change (does not include cuticle work and massage) - $26

Princesses Manicure

The perfect manicure designed for children 12 and under. Nails are trimmed and buffed, followed by a lotion massage of the hands. Finished with polish of choice.


A skin softening soak followed by a trim, shape and buff of toe nails, and cuticle clean up (pushed back and trimmed). Next, the calluses are smoothed and scrubbed. In addition a warm towel is wrapped around the feet followed by a light lotion massage of the legs and feet. Finished with a polish of choice.

SN Basic


SN Deluxe

The deluxe pedicure includes the basic pedicure, plus a vigorous aloe foot scrub and callus smoothed and scrubbed. An exfoliating sugar or salt scrub of your choice (tangerine or lavender) is then massaged intensely on the legs and feet followed by a deep hydrating moisture mask on the legs and hot towel wrap. In addition an extended leg and foot massage completes this experience. Finished with polish of choice.


Charcoal Detox

The charcoal detox pedicure is our premium pedicure that includes all the elements of the basic. It is a 4 step process (foot soak, purifying scrub, nourishing mask, emollient creme) that features activated black charcoal lasting 60 minutes that detoxes you and rejuvenates your rough, tired feet.


Princesses Pedicure

The perfect pedicure designed just for children 12 and under. Start off with a softening soak followed by trimming and shaping of the toenails, lotion is then applied. Finished with color of choice.

GEL Polish can be add on to any pedicure for $25

Eyelashes,Waxing, and Makeup



Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are your ultimate answer for longer, thicker, more beautiful-looking eyelashes. Developed to mimic your natural eyelashes, each Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extension is individually applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a gorgeous, natural appearance. Using a proprietary adhesive, Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions are only applied by a trained and certified Xtreme Lashes®Lash Stylist. Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes, eyelash flares or implants. Safe and comfortable to wear, Xtreme Lashes®Eyelash Extensions are never applied directly to your skin or eyelid. With routine touchups every two to four weeks, you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely

Classic full-set: $250
Volumation full-set $350
Relash $75 and up



Eyebrows - $15

Lip - $10

Chin - $18


Full Face Makeover

A 60 minute makeup sessions that includes custom eye shadow look, facial contour and highlight, eye enhancement, and a setting spray for makeup to last all day.

Other Nail Services and Add Ons

Nail Polish Change - $10

Children (12 and under) - $8

Toe Polish Change - $15

Children 12 and under) - $10

Add French Polish - $12

Nail Art - $8 and up

Nail Enhancement Removal - $15

Gel Removal - $10

Other shapes - $8